"I have chosen Steve as my massage therapist for over 25 years: he is warm, compassionate, funny, creates a space in which it's really easy to receive the gifts a massage has to offer, AND, to top it off, provides THE best massage I've ever had! I'm convinced my long-term good health is in large part due to the benefits of working with Steve."
- Mary, Organizational Consultant


"Over the years, I have received treatment from several massage therapists, but Steve is the only one whom I opted to see on a regular (twice monthly) basis. He provides a safe, relaxing environment. At the end of every session I feel completely refreshed and liberated from aches, pains and anxiety."
- Kelli, Public Relations Consultant


"Steve's passion for Reiki has been strong, deep, and dedicated for years. It is a real treat to be around the excellence with which he practices this art. He uses it as a vehicle for transformation and to bring in the sacred."
- Frank Coppieters, Ph.D., Reiki Maste


"I've had many massages over the years, and Steve, by far, is the best. His gentleness of spirit and soul is reflected in the way he massages your body, but his strength from many years of practice gets into the core of your muscles and works out the kinks. I discovered him on a yoga retreat in Baja 12 years ago and have been going to him ever since. He has relieved major pain and scar congestion in my foot and has relieved stressed muscles in my shoulders and back......in summary, a massage from Steve is pure heaven on every level."
- Jayne, Interior Designer


"I have been a massage therapist for over 35 years, which means I also have been receiving massage for over 35 years. Steve is my massage therapist of choice!!! I have also thoroughly enjoyed his 1st degree Reiki class and will continue with him for my 2nd degree."
- Ginger, Licensed Massage Therapist


"I've been seeing Steve since he got his license. But I also get massages whenever and wherever I can, and I've had massages literally all over the US and the world. I have found no one better than Steve, few as good anywhere, and none as good in Portland. When I'm in Steve's space lying on his table, I'm in one of the safest places I know of. I can fully relax and allow myself to be completely cared for by a man who knows and loves what he's doing."
- Jack, Software Engineer and aging athlete


"Steve is a healer. He's helped me through so many physical and psychological challenges over the years. Breast cancer, career changes, infertility treatment, pregnancy and motherhood. After my surgery for breast cancer, both my general and plastic surgeons independently commented that they have never seen a patient heal so quickly. I am stronger now than I've ever been. Steve's humor, integrity and compassion make my sessions a time of sacred healing. Bless him!"
- Georgia, occupation undecided


"Steve is a LightWorker. His work is to help you bring light into the dim, forgotten parts of your body and your heart. He has chosen to do this work through the media of Reiki, other energy work, and massage. Steve is very skilled in all these media. More than that, he has a huge heart, which he constantly works to keep open, and to open further. Let him help you with your own en-light-ening. Let him help you further open your own heart."
- John, Energy Worker


"After participating in Steve's 1st Degree Reiki classes, I noticed a gradual shift begin to happen in my life. Reiki gave me the courage to change. Reiki illuminated the path I was to take. Steve has been an integral part in this change. His awareness of his own vulnerabilities and shadow helped me feel much more safe exploring my own."
- Laura, Administrator


"If you've ever felt a continuous stress in your job, one of Steve's massages is the remedy you need. As a teacher, there are sometimes extraordinary demands placed on me by either students or administrators. I find a massage has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect, so I've chosen to have about once a month for over 25 years. Steve has truly gifted hands and understands intuitively what one's body most needs. He integrates a number of approaches that increase energy and relieve discomfort. He has also helped me after injuries in sports or car crashes, so I trust him with medical issues."
- Patricia, Teacher


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