What to Expect During Bodywork Sessions

What is the treatment room like?

The treatment room is is a safe, soothing environment that's kept warm and quiet. The room is air conditioned during the warmer summer months. I use the bodyCushion from Body Support Systems for your added comfort. There is an extensive selection of compact discs offering relaxing, contemplative music.

Will you be in the room when I disrobe?

No, after a brief orientation I will leave the room for several minutes giving you an opportunity to undress privately and get on to the table.

Will I be covered during the session?

Yes, you will be covered by a cotton sheet during your massage. Only the area being worked will be uncovered.

What should I do during the massage?

Relax and enjoy! I encourage you to give me feedback if there is anything that would make your experience more enjoyable. If, at any time, you feel uncomfortable, please let me know so we can alter the session to your liking. Many people are silent throughout the massage, while others find it helpful to talk about how their lives are going. It's up to you.

How much pressure is used?

Depending on your preferences the pressure can vary from light to very deep. When someone does not voice a preference my pressure can best be described as 'firm'. The more specific you are with feedback the better I am able to assist you.

Will oil be used?

For my sessions I use sweet almond oil. I have found that it is a nice, medium weight oil that does not leave you feeling greasy. I will occasionally use some lotion when necessary. I don't usually use scented oils because I find that the scent can linger long after the session is over, which may interfere with the next patrons' enjoyment.

Should the oil be washed off after the massage?

The oil is a great moisturizer for people with drier skin. If you do not like the feeling of having some oil on your skin a towel is provided for that purpose.

Must I completely undress?

It is not necessary to remove all your clothing for your session, however I find that most people do. Depending on your needs, clothing can hinder the application of some massage strokes (particularly to the low back).

What parts of my body will be massaged?

Before your session begins we will discuss what options are best suited for your needs. About half of my sessions tend to be full-body massages while the other half is usually localized work in a few areas (back and neck for example).Under no circumstances will I provide sexual services of any kind.

How long will the session last?

Most appointments are scheduled for one hour. However I do quite a few 90 minute sessions each week. Still others prefer a shorter half-hour appointment.

Should I bring a change of clothes?

Many people enjoy bringing some comfortable clothes to change into after the session is over. There's nothing like getting a nice massage and then climbing back into some uncomfortable work clothes.

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